Frequently Asked Questions

Funding for the water and sewer portion of $104.5 million is to be paid by Water and Sewer Authority bonds. The trail portion ($19.5 million) will be paid by 2017 SPLOST dollars, while the $1 million Harbins/Brooks Road water mains will come out of stormwater funds. 
Construction is expected to begin mid-July 2021 and is anticipated to be completed by 2024. 

A gravity sewer is an underground pipe used to move wastewater by sloping pipes between manholes, using the difference in elevation to keep the fluid moving. 

When gravity sewer reaches a low point underground and gravity can no longer assist in moving fluid, a pump station is installed to pump the sewage up to a higher elevation, to another pump station, or directly to a wastewater treatment facility. 

 A force main is an underground pipe that uses a pump to move sewage through the system. 

Many of the construction activities can be done within the public right-of-way, which will minimize the impacts to traffic. However, when traffic impacts cannot be avoided, every effort will be made to limit lane closures to single-lane only. 

On-site signage will be used during construction and when traffic impacts are anticipated. As best possible, those affected will be notified of road closures in advance via digital signage or other methods. Signs may appear as early as 30 days ahead of a planned closure or route detour. 

The construction work will take place weekdays, Monday through Friday. The project team does not expect to conduct nighttime or weekend work, but there could be exceptions in the event of weather delays or other unforeseen changes to the schedule. If this does occur, workers will still comply with local noise ordinances.
There are no expected sewer interruptions during this project construction.
Nearby businesses may hear normal noise associated with construction such as engines running, workers talking, hammering, etc. No unusual loud noises are expected and normal dust control measures will be in place.
We will be building five miles of new trails along the beautiful Apalachee River on the border with Barrow County with trail heads at Harbins Road and Winder Highway. The project will use sustainable construction practices that promote environmental stewardship and innovation.
There are many ways to stay informed with construction updates, including subscribing to receive our eNotifications, visiting the Gwinnett ERI webpage at, emailing us at or calling the 24/7 construction number at 770.329.9799 for updated information, as well as an opportunity to share any comments or concerns.
Please contact Pam Ledbetter, ERI Project Public Outreach Specialist, at or our construction number at 770-329-9799.